Monday, June 29, 2009

Nyame Adom

Hello again! Sorry I haven't written in a while but we have been busy!

Thursday morning we woke up early and went to Patrick's house to eat our goat. Michael had the honors of killing the goat and then we were all able to watch (and smell) the processes involved with preparing it. Once the meat was cut and boiled in a pot we made kabobs and grilled them with some spices. The meat was pretty good but I had a really hard time eating the skin- it's kind of hard to chew! The obibonies had a fun time watching us obronies (white people) try to eat certain parts. Laine was bold enough to try the heart and I tried out the lunges and testicles! I'm not too keen on trying that again.

After our barbecue we headed to the orphanage to meet the women who runs it. This meeting was so beneficial and really motivational. Luis told us about the new improvements at Adullum, including a new bath house and new electric work in all the dormitories. We are very excited to see the changes! We also learned that foster care will be introduced into Ghana and unfortunately of the 92 orphanages in Ghana, only 40 will remain open. Luis told us that Adullum will set the standards for how Ghanaian orphanages must be maintained, which says a lot for the hard work that she puts in to taking care of these kids. Luis also gave us a list of supplies that they need and we will use the money we collected to purchase them.

Friday morning we woke up early to go to Kumasi and see Curtis and find out how his tests went. Amelia and Issac, two older kids from the orphanage, came with us to see him. It was really nice spending time with them and catching up! Curtis is still sick, but he seems to be in better spirits. We got him a prescrpiton to fight a virus along with some vitamins but he still needs more tests done before they diagnose him. A nutrionist is going to see him and come up with a diet so that he can start eating again.

We headed back to Adullum and played soccer with the older boys- I managed not to get hit in the head with the ball! It was really fun to watch them get so into the game and it was really nice to cool off and play in the rain! After the game we went home and rested before heading to a prayer service. Pastor Silvester holds this prayer meeting every Friday from 10pm-4am! We managed to last for about an hour and then passed out as soon as we got home.

Saturday was a very exciting day. Michael, John and Laine went to the market to get the supplies for the orphanage and the rest of us spent the day at Adullam with the kids. It was so nice to spend the entire day with the kids. I was able to talk with some of the older kids, play some games with the younger ones, and help feed the babies! Of all the wonderful things we are doing here spending time with these kids is my favorite!

We went out later that night and went to a local lodge. We were all very excited for some pizza, but didn't get our hopes too high! It was a lot of fun to have some semi-American food!

Sunday morning Michael and I woke up to walk to the 7am Catholic mass. We got there and found out that the mass didn't start till 8am. So we went back home and slept for a bit before returning. We went back at eight and learned that mass actually wasn't at the church since it was under construction and the service was held at 10am at an entirely different location- such is Ghana! Later we went to the Sunday service at Adullam. The kids were so cute playing the drums and singing and dancing to their church songs. After mass we went home and used Sunday as our day of rest to catch up on sleep. It was really good that we stayed in because it really started to pour! I have never seen or heard rain come down as hard as it did!

Later that evening 3 kids from Adullam (Richard, Issac, and Amelia) came over and we made them dinner as well taught them to play spoons! We had a great time but defiantly wore out the kids because they were pretty much falling asleep on the way home!

That's all for now!
Nyame Adom Elle Pa (by the grace of God we are well!)

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